Saturday, April 7, 2012

Citizens' Academy

Our city is in the middle of a free, eight week course called Citizens' Academy. Mom, Alison and I all signed up for it, and so far we've learned about the Administration and Finance, Community Development, and the Public Works. Last night we had a bus tour of the town and ended at the Public Works station. In the upcoming weeks we get to take a tour of the water and utilities areas, the police station, and the fire station, and then the last week will be graduation, when we all get a free t-shirt. :-D Last night at the Public Works building they let people climb into the plows. Those things are way up there! We got a couple pictures with Alison's ipod:

Those wheels looked ginormous in person, but when I stood next to them they didn't look so tall anymore.... We're looking forward to the four remaining classes!


Jennifer Hoots said...

What an excellent opportunity!

Anna said...

That class looks like lots of fun!!
That is big! Our grandpa has a tractor that the wheels are taller than you:)
I know I've been to the fire station before but I was like 5... Haha i just remembered how scary it was, it would be fun to go again!
Have fun!!